Review: The Permanent Coup – How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President by Lee Smith

6 Star Top 10%, Crime (Government), Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), Impeachment & Treason, Intelligence (Government/Secret)
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6 Stars: A Superb Prequel to the  Durham Indictments*

* Upgraded from 5 to 6 on basis of reader inputs related to the enormity of the crimes that our President has survived, with Mike Flynn's help.

The author is expert on this topic in part because he wrote the New York Times bestseller The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.

I was most pleasantly surprised by the author's excellent treatment of General Mike Flynn, whom I know. From the beginning of the book where the author makes it clear that Mike Flynn took a bullet for the President, to the concluding chapter where he celebrates Mike Flynn's inevitable exoneration, the hero in this book is Mike Flynn.

Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn's defense attorney, has said publicly that Mike Flynn was targeted because he was planning an audit and implicitly a purge of the secret US intelligence community that is not only corrupt, but — my view — engaged in all manner of crimes against humanity from rendition and torture to drone assassinations with a 98% innocent deaths ratio to trafficking in children. This book makes a similar point.

The book opens with a superb chronology that names names and is in my view an excellent prequel for the inevitable indictments  to come from the Durham investigation. Indeed Q Drop 4621 of 17 August lists Kevin Clinesmith as #1 and shows #2 to #6 as empty for now.

One cannot read this book with grasping that President Barack Obama was very much in the know and encouraging the weaponization of  the secret intelligence world against then candidate Donald Trump; the core evidence against the dirty dozen is  to be found in the unmasking of US citizens.

While most recognize that Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzek, Page, and a few others are worthy of indictment, this book reminds me that Congressman Schiff and CIA employee Eric Ciaramella should also be indicted.

Overall this book is a great read and a useful primer for any citizen that wants to understand just how flagrantly and deliberately Obama-Biden and the most senior officials of the CIA and FBI and Department of Justice committed treason (my view) and massive multiple felonies inclusive of false testimony to various judges.

The treason did not end when Candidate Trump became President  Trump. The Deep State and its Shadow Government servants doubled down. The number of traitors in the US Congress and US Executive who could reasonably taken out and hung is in my view no less than 50.

The book overlooks the fact that Brennan destroyed Petraeus, who was cleared for the job of Director of CIA with full knowledge at the time of his extramarital relationship with his biographer, and his sharing of classified information with her (she held requisite clearances as a reserve officer in the US Army). Brennan destroyed Petraeus because he wanted the job and because he could.

The book also avoids dealing the the degree to which the British Government, from the Prime Minister down to MI-6, were very much in full partnership with US intelligence leaders intent on committing treason.  This was in my view an act of war by the British against the USA.

The book lacks an index, so I can not check; my recollection is that the book does not properly cover the role of Gina Haspel,  today's Director of the CIA, who as Chief of Station London, was the linch pin between the British secret intelligence agencies and the US intelligence agencies jointly attacking first candidate Trump and then President Trump.  The author considers Christopher Steele (no relation) to have been a mere avatar, a low-rent pawn in the great game used by the Clintons and Obamas against the Trumps.

I was not expecting a brilliant insight that the author offers toward the end of the book, to wit that the silver lining of the fake pandemic and the nation-wide lockdown has been the destruction of hierarchies and the re-setting of values. I do believe Election 2020 is about good versus evil, not about competing political parties.


Amazon Page

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