Graphic: Herring Triangle of Four Levels Need & Cost

Jan Herring, the first National Intelligence Officer for Science & Technology (NIO/S&T) is the father of Open Source Intelligence in the USA.  Now retired, his baton has been picked up by Robert Steele, who took the campaign multinational.  The history continuing resistance to what was originally Jan Herring’s lead is covered briefly in 2008 IJIC …

Graphic: Jan Herring’s Triangle for Decision-Support

Jan Herring, then National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Science & Technology (S&T) was the first modern OSINT pioneer, along with George Marling and other S&T analyts.  After he retired he devleoped this triangle as part of his training offered via the Academy of Competitive Intelligence, still the best institution around.

Reference: Jan Herring How Much Is Your Competitive Intelligence Worth? [Full Text Online for Google Translate] Referencia: Jan Herring ¿Cuánto vale tu Inteligencia Competitiva? [Texto completo en línea de Google Translate]

Source Phi Beta Iota:  This article, written in 2007, remains the standard in the field for both brevity and authoritativeness. Business Intelligence is data mining, not intelligence.  Competitive Intelligence focuses on competitors and does not do 360 degree holistic analytics. The modern term for a full service program is Commercial Intelligence, which uses only open …

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