Lee Camp: McCain Steals Land from Native Americans

Lee Camp: Political Fires – Donald Trump, Koch Brothers, Hollywood, CIA and More…

Lee Camp: The Dirty Truth About Voting and How to Be a Billionaire by 40

Lee Camp: Redacted #47 — More Black Slaves in US Prison Today Than Just Prior to Civil War

A Call For Class Warfare, Exposing The TPP, & The MSM Biggest Baltimore News Fails Slavery Moment: 1:46

Lee Camp: FCC Sells Out Internet & Public – Net Neutrality? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Net Neutrality

In an FCC ruling last week, they completely decimated the idea of internet freedom or net neutrality. They basically said that the corporations that can pay more can get faster internet service – this opens the floodgates for corporate rule online.

Lee Camp: (YouTube 3:28) States Declare War on Homeless

In some places around the US, living in your car is now being criminalized. The war against the poor has hit an all-time low. Read the full article this episode is based on – http://bit.ly/Prwemh

Lee Camp: Is the USA a Democracy?

A new scientific report took into account 1,779 policy issues as well as many variables and found that the people of the United States have little, if any, say in the policies that impact them. You won’t believe the rest.

Lee Camp: (YouTube 5:30) World Bank President Complains that Internet is Exposing Worker Conditions Worldwide

Lee Camp: (YouTube) You Don’t Even Know…

Lee Camp: You Can Now Drive Across The US For Free, Mainstream Media Ignores It – MOC #292

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Lee Camp: Bill Hicks, Dead 20 Years, Still Telling the Truth…