Mini-Me: NSA Gutting of US Communications and Computing Likely to Cost US Tech Companies Way More Than $35 Billion

NSA Surveillance May Cost U.S. Tech Companies More than $35 Billion Two years ago, when Edward Snowden exposed the NSA’s massive surveillance machine it didn’t just make Americans distrust the U.S. government—it also impelled foreigners to shy away from U.S.-made technologies. The result appears to be costly. In fact, a new report from the Information …

Mini-Me: Is NSA Really Using 1.7M Gallons a Day in Utah?

Huh? Anonymous analysis below the fold.

Mini-Me: 120,000 Antelope Drop Dead

Huh? Why have 121,000 antelopes in Kazakhstan suddenly dropped dead? Just three weeks ago, there were thought to be about 300,000 saiga roaming the Kazakh steppes. Now, nearly 121,000 carcasses have been discovered.  An estimated 300,000 saiga roamed across the Kazakh steppes on May 11, when the first dead antelope was discovered. By May 27, …

Mini-Me: Organization of American States Fails — Obama Blocks “Right to Health Care” — Should UNASUR “Occupy” the OAS HQS?

Huh? U.S. Blocked Declaration of “Right to Health Care”, Says Bolivia’s President at OAS Summit Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has blamed U.S. President Barack Obama for the failure of the recent OAS (Organization of American States) Summit of the Americas to issue a final declaration, and he says that a major sticking point for Mr. …

Mini-Me: CIO as Chief Integration Officer

Huh? CIO as chief integration officer A public sector perspective Technology is the glue that connects programs and people, and helps information flow in the public sector, making it an essential component of everyday public sector operations. That puts the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in a unique position to take on the important job of …

Mini-Me: CODE RED Called for US Lack of Electoral Integrity — Jonathan Simon on Computerized Election Theft

Huh? CODE RED: Jonathan Simon’s Hail-Mary for Democracy I have been witness to and participant in more than a decade of strenuous but essentially fruitless efforts to challenge the passivity with which America has collectively accepted an “upgrade” that gave us a concealed, computerized, privatized vote counting process–a Trojan Horse which the forensic evidence we …

Mini-Me: Texas Republicans Shut Down Small Parties

Huh? Texas Republican attacks Libertarian voting rights Republican state representative Drew Springer of Muenster, Texas has filed HB 464, a bill to require minor party nominees to pay filing fees.

Mini-Me: Military Veterans Ask Drone Pilots to Stop

Huh? Military Veterans Target US Drone Strikes in TV Ads A group of military veterans is taking aim at U.S. drone strikes overseas with graphic TV ads directly asking Air Force pilots to stop flying the unmanned aircraft, calling the operations immoral and illegal.

Mini-Me: Stephen Slick on NCTC Lessons for CTIIC

Steven Slick is former NSC Senior Director for Intelligence Programs and Reform at the White House (2005-2009). The Intelligence Studies Essay #1: Steve Slick on Lessons that NCTC Holds for CTIIC CTIIC: Learning from the Choices and Challenges that Shaped the National Counterterrorism Center

Mini-Me: Elizabeth Warren Loves the Fed?

Huh? Elizabeth Warren And Sherrod Brown Fight Fed Audit, Foreclosure Transparency WASHINGTON — Top progressive senators are running away from a bill authored by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to audit both the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy operations and millions of foreclosures. Their aversion could doom any chance for public transparency surrounding the widespread abuse that …

Mini-Me: 7 Big Lies in “American Sniper”

Huh? 7 big lies ‘American Sniper’ is telling America about Iraq and Chris Kyle Zaid Jilani, AlterNet in Raw Story Here are seven lies about Chris Kyle and the story that director Clint Eastwood is telling: