Mini-Me: CODE RED Called for US Lack of Electoral Integrity — Jonathan Simon on Computerized Election Theft

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


CODE RED: Jonathan Simon's Hail-Mary for Democracy

I have been witness to and participant in more than a decade of strenuous but essentially fruitless efforts to challenge the passivity with which America has collectively accepted an “upgrade” that gave us a concealed, computerized, privatized vote counting process–a Trojan Horse which the forensic evidence we have painstakingly gathered links inextricably to a bewildering political sea change tantamount to a rolling coup.

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Amazon Page
Amazon Page

BOOK @ Amazon: Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the new American Century

Phi Beta Iota: Electoral integrity is like an airplane — it needs both wings, all sets of wheels, a cockpit, a tail, engines, fuel, and a support structure for taking off and landing. Electronic electoral fraud (along with mail-in fraud on the counting end) are the fuel — contaminated fuel crashes the aircraft. The home page and graphic below summarize the eight core electoral reforms needed in the face of a two-party tyranny that has sold out the 99% to the 1% (with 42 specific billionaires recently identified as “owning” Congress and the White House).

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