Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Update

Amazon Update A database for every need JEDI Squash Game: Final Match AWS Deep Learning Containers First, It Was Hollywood. Now It Is Big Oil More Robotics Amazon Employees Want Climate Change Policies Partner and Developer Quick Clicks Amazon Cash Pivot Amazon: Now a VC Broker One More Thing… Read expanded report.

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Updates

Amazonia Updates List Only (Click Above to Read Expansions) Eero: A Deal? Amazon in Space Rekognition Facial Recognition May Face a “Rekoning” Hello, Air Pods the Amazon Basics Way

Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir & Amazon Seeking to “Own” US Defense Intelligence?

Palantir Technologies: The Winding Down of DCGS and the Winding Up of Old School Intelware Vendors If you recognize the acronym “DCGS”,  you probably know that the Tolkien-infused intelware vendor Palantir Technologies has captured the $800 million contract for the US Army’s “new” intelligence system. If not, you won’t care. According to “Palantir Wins Competition …

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Update

Amazon Update List Only Amazon Brands: Generally Duds Why the NYC Queens’ Disintegrated Preparing for the Amazon Revolution uDroppy Picks Up AWS Speed Sisense: A Cyber Intel and Analytics Vendor Joins the Amazon Bandwagon Amazon: Squeezing Elastic Pinterest Spend at AWS AWS Embraces Nvidia Server Chips Read full report.

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Update

The Bezos bulldozer has run into some soil filled with largish granite boulders. Check out these developments. Amazonia for March 18, 2019 List Only (Click on Title for full report):

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Update

Amazonia Update Expansion into Grocery Sector Dash Trimmed Cutting Delivery Costs Size of AWS Amazon Translate for Police State Applications Amazon Shipping Sprint & Others Embrace Amazon Read full report. See Also: Arnold Amazon @ Phi Beta Iota  

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Update

Amazonzia A Mid Life Crisis Moment? How Big Is AWS? Slam Dunk: Team Microsoft’s Defense Fizzles Eero: Scary? Amazon Changing Colors? Amazon ECR and ECS Gain PrivateLink Support More Bare Metal Instances New AWS Partner Wandisco Striim Builds for RedShift Become an Amazon AWS Expert Ethical Hacking on AWS Amazon Invests in Rivian Google and …

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Update

Headlines Only: In a New York We May Be Gone Indiscreet Pictures and Allegations of Blackmail Movie Madness (Not Releasing Woody Allen Film) Accounting Methods or Fraud? Keeping Tips Amazon and Facial Recognition Alexa Gets a New Skill Baby Activity API — Resistance is Futile More Live Streaming and a Possible Checkmate for QVC Amazon …

Stephen E. Arnold: Videos on Amazon

Ignoring Amazon is risky and short-sighted. It is particularly noteworthy that Amazon is dominating the cloud and amassing a global  to local set of digital databases that can be cross-correlated in a manner that would delight any police state. Below are a four-part short video series.

Stephen E. Arnold: Ignoring Amazon — Bad Idea…

Ignoring Amazon: Risky, Short Sighted, Maybe Not an Informed Decision I read “AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source.” The write up does a good job of explaining how convenience can generate cash for old line businesses. There are several facets of Amazon’s system and method for competition which may be more important …

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon End of Year Wrap

Amazonia for 31 December 2018 Highlights: Amazon Does Ontologies Amazon Drones Stalled More Store Fronts and More Pressure on Delivery Services Amazon Flicks to Physical Theaters Play Ball with Amazon Amazon Wants to AWS Health Care Amazon Solimo: Stalled? What’s a Solimo