Stephen E. Arnold: What Is Next for Amazon Netradyne?

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What Is Next for Amazon Netradyne?

I noted the “real” news outfit CNBC story “Amazon Is Using AI-Equipped Cameras in Delivery Vans and Some Drivers Are Concerned about Privacy.” The use case is monitoring drivers. I have heard that some drivers work like beavers. Other comments suggest that some drivers play fast and loose with their time. These are lazy beavers. Other drivers misplace packages. These are crafty beavers. Another group driver like the route through the subdivision is a race. These are thrill-loving beavers. The Netradyne Driveri gizmo provides a partial solution with benefits; for example, imagery. My thought is that the Netradyne gizmo can hook into the Amazon AWS mother ship for a range of interesting features and functions. Maybe the data would be of use to those engaged in Amazon’s public sector work; for example, policeware services and solutions?

The story states:

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ROBERT STEELE: Alexa, Ring, Driver, Drone plus the nation-wide mobile van system give Amazon total surveillance inside and out.  Voice prints, facial recognition, all part of the police state deal.  What is NOT provided by Amazon is a World Brain that provides truthful information about everything and tools for sense-making and true cost economic comparisons at the retail level. Here is my original briefing to Amazon — they patented the first half of my ideas and ignored the second half. They have enormous unfulfilled potential.

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