Financial Affairs

Financial Affairs

Phi Beta Iota as an international honour society in being, this website, the online Journal of Public Intelligence, and the publication of additional books relevant to public intelligence in the public interest are all sponsored by the Earth Intelligence Network, a Virginia C Corporation with certified status as a 501c3 Public Charity.

As the Journal of Public Intelligence matures it will be offered in hard-copy where desired at cost of production plus shipping.  Taylor & Francis, publishers of the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (IJIC) and of Intelligence and National Security (INS), under the editorial direction respectively of Richard Valcourt and Dr. Professor Loch Johnson, has been offered first option on the Journal should they wish to subsidize its international outreach for substantive content, and market it to stakeholders in the public interest.

As chapters are formed and members begin to desire certifications, badges, and other regalia typical of honour societies, the volunteer directors will agree on fees and the international service element will establish designs, order production, maintain inventory, and fulfill orders from chapters and individuals.

Any individual may self-select membership, which is open to all.  The creation of a chapter and affiliation with a chapter are not conditions for membership.  This honour society seeks to embrace the distributed intelligence of humanity–all humans, all minds, all the time–in order to stop corruption, fraud, waste, abuse, and the information asymmetries and data pathologies that are associated with “rule by secrecy” and the now defunct hierarchical command and control paradigm, which is only applicable (and essential) where elected voluntarily by its members as being necessary to the good order and discipline of specific mission areas.