Phi Beta Iota Organization

The Phi Beta Iota Honour Society is comprised of volunteers at all levels.  Unlike all other honour societies, Phi Beta Iota recognizes that diversity is the heart of Collective Intelligence, and no human being is excluded for lack of artificial criteria.  Sharing and Sense-Making in all their forms, including artistic, mystical, and cosmic, are the essential role of all humans regardless of age, education, income, race, or creed.

Volunteers are invited to establish tribal, district or county, province or state, national, or diaspora chapters.  As the organization matures, a natural leadership network will emerge that can establish protocols and self-organized funding strategies for appropriate activities.

Member Organizations

  • Local chapters may form regional chapters that are affiliated with a national chapter or directly with this global hub in service to all and especially to the five billion poor.
  • Regional chapters shall form a regional committee of local chapter advisors in order to govern the affairs of the region. Officers shall be elected for each region annually
  • Regional chapters may form state chapters hat are affiliated with national chapter or directly with this global hub in service
  • State chapters shall form state committee of regional officers in order to govern the affairs of the state chapter. Officers shall be elected annually
  • All regional chapters shall provide contact information to the national office or to this global hub
  • All regional chapters may appoint two individuals with Editor status at this global website
  • Any individual may be a contributor or subscriber, with or without belonging to any chapter
  • Confirming local, state or regional chapter affairs with the national office of not necessary
  • All state and regional chapters shall declaring affiliation shall post short monthly updates at this global hub
  • Other websites are encouraged to improved localized information sharing and sense-making across all boundaries.  This global website will link to affiliated websites upon request
  • The purposes of chapters are to sponsor conventions for local chapter members and to engender novel projects at a region and state level that combine the practice of public intelligence with public service