ZeroHedge: #UNRIG: National Security State = Public Enemy #1


#UNRIG: National Security State = Public Enemy #1

The July 4th Mt. Rushmore #UNRIG rally was represented a critical flashpoint in the new revolution afoot to wrest illegitimate power from the rapacious government and return it to its rightful owners: the People.

The coast-to-coast #UNRIG tour’s far from over; check out the latest #UNRIG schedules updates to find a stop coming to a town near you.

We need, more than ever, to build #UNRIG coalitions at the local level – for many reasons, but chief among them is this: things have gotten very strange in Neoliberal Candyland© and are getting exponentially stranger by the day.

In late June, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Four-Star General Mark Milley, inexplicably advocated that the military force cadets at West Point Academy to study the amorphously-defined Critical Race Theory (CRT) – theoretically, apparently, because racially divisive academic concoctions somehow foster military readiness.

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