This week (today) Robert discusses The President’s 4th of July Speech; What Authentic Blacks Like Bob Woodson Are Saying; Mike Flynn’s Oath and the Potential of Mike Flynn; The Zionist Gorilla in Election 2020 – It Cannot Be Ignored; Is Justice Roberts Compromised? Was Justice Scalia Murdered?; Was the Founding of America Completely Faked by the Freemasons?; Will New Hybrid Forms of Governance Emerge?; Will We Impose the Rule of Law on Social Media in Time for the Election?; Is President Trump Being Betrayed by the Republican Party? What Can He Do?; and When Will the Truth About COVID-19 – a Fake Pandemic – Be Obvious to the Public?

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Advance: SPY IMPROV Questions for Tomorrow


Below are the questions from existing subscribers that will be answered by Robert David Steele during the first half of the video webinar SPY IMPROV: Ask Me Anything, at 1 pm Eastern.  The second half of the hour is open for impromptu questions from subscribers.  For $11 a month ($99 special for the year) The Steele Report delivers a weekly private text report each Monday and a weekly private video half-scripted half-interactive each Saturday. Subscribe at

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Event Today & Tomorrow: Reclaiming Our Lives


”The World Health Sovereignty Summit”. It’s starting TODAY, June 20th -21st @10am EST US Time

This event is for you if…

  • You wish to live in a free world without forced medical experimentation
  • You value freedom of speech or the right to work and travel freely
  • You believe that the declaration of Emergency around the world may have been under false pretenses
  • You are alarmed by the censorship trend which is de-platforming legitimate voices.
  • You are interested in getting informed on what maybe really happening during this global demolition of economies and civil liberties


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The Steele Report provides a 2,500-5,000 word text overview at the Presidential level each Monday at 0800 Eastern, and a one-hour private video answering subscriber questions each Saturday at 1300 Eastern.

SPY IMPROV was established at Hackers on Planet Earth. See past sessions at YouTube.

Below are the subscriber questions that will be answered on Saturday 20 June.

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Event: Web Summit 20-21 June 2020 Reclaim Your Lives World Health Sovereignty Summit


Register now for this online Global Summit featuring Notable Key Experts speaking to critical questions surrounding the COVID Pandemic, and launching a campaign toward realization of legal remedy in  assurance of Human Rights & Civil Liberties.

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