EVENT: 5-6 December 2020 False Flags Conference, RDS Discount Code

Jim Fetzer

If this doesn’t convince you that Americans are being manipulated on the basis of (elaborate) conspiracies of the greatest importance, I cannot imagine what would. If you mind is now open to the prospect, you may want to take advantage of the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference (5-6 December 2020) I have organized and will moderate, featuring 24 experts on events like JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the 2020 election, the COVID-19 “pandemic”, the godfathers of sex abuse (Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein), staging hate crimes (Jussie Smollett, George Floyd, Bubba Wallace), high-tech censorship, and much more. I have just authorized a 50% discount for the meeting, cutting the Pay-Per-View from $100 to $50. Check it out. This may be the most important intellectual investment of time and money of your lifetime: False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 (5-6 December 2020). Use the discount code RDS.

Arno Reuser: Open Source Intelligence: We have big news!

Arno Reuser

Open Source Intelligence: We have big news!

Dear customer,

Mid-year, Reuser’s Information Services, specialised in the delivery of OSINT training and consultancy, joined forces with Triangular Group Academy (TGA). TGA is a training and knowledge institute in the field of safety and resilience. All TGA teachers and instructors have a background in intelligence services, special forces or special police units. Reuser’s Information Services is owned and founded by mr Arno Reuser who founded, designed, and managed the Open Source Intelligence branch of the Defence Intelligence & Security Service from 1990 until 2013.

From now on, TGA provides OSINT training programmes, OSINT workshops and OSINT lectures taught by mr Arno Reuser to allow him to focus entirely on OSINT research and especially the development and quality of the OSINT courses and workshops.

Check the OSINT training page for more information, or, contact our business development director Marlin van Hal (mvh@triangulargroup.com).

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BREAKING: Open Letter to Ivanka Trump for Presidential Debate with Constitution, Green, Libertarian Presidential Candidates


Sent via White House comment line and via email from four surrogates:

At https://unrig.net you will find an open letter that outlines how President Trump can get a 10% or better bump on Election Day if he asks you to arrange a debate with the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Party candidates on 29 October, with Dr. Cynthia McKinney as the moderator, ideally in Georgia.

I have put complete details at the top of https://unrig.net and also sent Fedex to your NY address, and to the White House. Because your mail is intercepted by enemies of the President, I am calling to give you those tracking numbers: 398239071451 to New York and 398239218170 to the White House.

Read actual correspondence with graphics and links.