1993 Talking Points for the Director of Central Intelligence

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DCI Talking Points
DCI Talking Points

This was faxed to John Deutch when he was DCI.  It probably made it to his desk only to be dismissed as it was not from anyone remotely associated with power or money.  This was the beginning of our realization, articulated in 1997 for the US Institute for Peace, that those with power know too little, and those with knowledge have no power.

Since then we have also determined that too many senior executives in both government and business leave the sorting of incoming mail to interns and the lowest paid receptionist–there is no “intelligence” at the front end of the enterprise that can identify and flag “weak signals.”

Even when writing to the top 2000 people in America across roughly 15 segments, we discovered that even the most sensible attempt to engage, absent a “hook” that is already entrenched, tends to fail.

DOC (9 Pages): 1993 Steele Fax to DCI John Deutch

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