2014 Robert Steele Open Letter to Vice President of the United States of America Joe Biden, The White House

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Open Letter to Joe Biden


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Reference: Correspondence on Assisi Intelligence

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This is the letter from the Papal Nuncio in Washington DC responding to the second draft of the proposed letter to the Most Holy Father, and the email response from Robert Steele.  The Nuncio's reaction is completely reasonable, but overlooks the importance of achieving God's will on Earth as in Heaven in the context of the Pope's ecumenical vision, the doubling of the Muslim population, and the peaking of the Muslim youth bulge at a time when the legitimacy of most governments is in question, particularly in the Middle East.

The email response:

Thank you.  I'm off to Rome, you can see the letter that was delivered in Rome this morning at the following URL:  http://www.tinyurl.com/Assisi-Intelligence.

For various reasons, including my own lack of clarity in the earlier drafts, the absence in your mission of a deep understanding of what is proposed, and our being unable to meet before my going to Rome this evening, your mission has–I say this with humility and respect–completely missed the point.

I hope the final letter makes the objectives clearer.  No gathering of religious leaders is proposed, only staff gatherings in preparation to support the planned gathering.  I believe the final letter is much clearer.

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Tom Atlee: A Whole New Ball Game–Collective Intelligence in ON

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Tom Atlee

Dear friends,

I want to share three videos and one slide show that are having a profound impact on me and my work.  They describe different facets of a new realm of understanding and possibility that is making all the difference in the world even now — possibilities that we can help along by taking up the creative challenges these videos present to us.

Much of my work will be weaving these insights into the kind of democracy-shift we need right now.  They make it clear that we are, indeed, in a whole new ball game.



Generation We:  The Movement Begins…

Us Now – We're entering an era where more of everything is run by users collectively… (7 parts)

Jane McGonigal: Gaming Can Make a Better World

Michelle Holliday's Humanity 4.0 slide show

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Phi Beta Iota: Above have been re-sorted to put Information Operations (IO) relevance from top to bottom.  The next big thing is a combination of EMPOWERING people, HARNESSING minds, and ERADICATING corruption.  GroupOn is the “good” counterpart to WikiLeaks, but WikiLeaks should not be scorned–it demonstrates the perfidy of the Industrial Era “rule by secrecy” top-down elite model that has now been shown to be completely incapable of micro-managing complexity and diversity with ethical integrity.  Tom Atlee embodies the future of America and through a restored America the Beautiful, the future of humanity.  We respectfully, urgently urge every person to give generously to Tom Atlee and the Co-Intelligence Institute.  He has been devoted for decades to the heart of the matter: actualizing the goodness that lies within each of us, and the wisdom that lies within us as the aggregate, Collective Intelligence, Community Intelligence, Integral Consciousness.  Giving to Tom is the spiritual equivalent of collective prayer.  We need every prayer we can get.  Please give to this righteous liberation endeavor.  St.


Winter 2010-2011  Co-Intelligence Institute fundraiser  progress report:

Funds raised so far:  $450  //  Target:  $15,000
Percentage of needed funds raised so far:  3.0%
People on List:  2045  //   Days left in fundraiser:  44

Thank you to the 10 people who have responded so far!


Please send a donation of any amount — $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 or more — to

The Co-Intelligence Institute
PO Box 493
Eugene, OR 97440

or use your Visa or MasterCard to make an online donation at

Do let me know when you've mailed a donation, so I can add it to our tally right away.  Including your email address on your check will help me keep track of your gift.

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Monday 12 July 2010 (Read from Bottom Up)

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Reference: World Brain Institute & Global Game

Correspondence, United Nations & NGOs

Phi Beta Iota: ClimateGate has demonstrated once again the wisdom of the Brahimi Report and the urgency of creating a World Intelligence Center such as Quincy Wright suggested in 1957.  The Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3, was formed in 2006 and accredited as a Public Charity in January 2007.  Below are a few documents that address our view.  A 33-page business plan is circulating and is available on request to anyone with Euro 1-12 million a year to spend.


EIN Letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, 2 Dec 09

EIN Two-Page Point Paper to the Secretary General of the United Nations, 2 Dec 09

EIN Letter to Ten Key Ambassadors in Washington, D.C., 2 Dec 09

Original (2007) Earth Intelligence Network Concept (10 Pages)

Original (2007) Global Game Concept (2 Pages)

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1994 Sounding the Alarm on Cyber-Security

Correspondence, Memoranda
Steele to USG
Steele to USG

This is the cover letter to the US Government official most responsible for thinking about the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and the security of that infrastructure.  Three “top guns,” one of the the foremost authority in the public arena, another the foremost expert on these matters advising the National Security Agency (NSA) all agreed on the need, in 1994, for a $1 billion a year program.

Today (Fall 2009) NSA has asked for $12 billion a year, and they are not letting on that the real reason they are building their own power plant is because the Chinese have mastered the art of riding the public electrical grid into any computer running on public electricity.  Below are the cross walk and the contributing letters from the top experts in 1004.  NSA has let us all down.

OSS1994-01-18 Cross Walk

OSS1994-01-19 Warning Letters


Both Bill Caelli and Winn Schwartau have new books coming out in 2017, the bottom line of which is that we can indeed secure cyberspace, but it requires that governments and the providers of communications and computing software and hardware have integrity — not the case today. Below is the concept Robert Garigue (RIP) and Robert Steele developed in 1997. No one has implemented this to date.

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