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DVD TraitorJeffrey Nachmanoff Hits It Out of the Park, June 20, 2009

Don Cheadle

As a former spy and leading critic of the $65 billion a year spent by the secret world, I normally limit my DVD intake to hotels and airplanes, but this one attracted my attention and deservedly so.

This is one of a tiny handful of decent depictions of the spy world, and I want to note that Jeffrey Nachmanoff, a name most will not notice, was also the screen writer for The Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen Edition).

The over-all plot is credible, well-acted, well-filmed, and I was pulled in to give this my undivided attention. The subtleties of inter-agency competition and non-sharing were well integrated.

Bottom line: a top-notch offering all the way around, but I want to single out Nachmanoff for getting it right. He's a talent to watch.

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