Review: The Kybalion – Hermetic Philosophy

5 Star, Consciousness & Social IQ, Intelligence (Spiritual), Religion & Politics of Religion
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5 Stars – Priceless Primary “Reader”

I am in the middle of some sort of spiritual convergence in which everything I have learned up to this point in my 67 years of life is coming together centered on a new understanding of the indivisibility of God, consciousness, energy, and the Cosmos including what some call extraterrestrials, others call angels and demons, I choose to call advanced forms of energy with higher levels of love. Ethics — and patriotism — are central to my reflections.

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Review: The Christian Gospel for Americans – A Systematic Theology by David Ray Griffin

5 Star, Religion & Politics of Religion
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5 Stars — Re-Boots Christianity for Americans

David Ray Griffin is a GIANT as a theologian and leading proponent for “process” theology, which holds that God is not a transcendent eternal and unchanging being but God is immanently involved in the world, God’s very being unfolding in space and time, nature, history and culture. The author’s view (which I share) is that history is internal to God, and God is internal to worldly events, but they are not identical. (This keeps God from being considered evil because of the world’s evil).  Read the book for the nuances.

This book is the stake in the heart of the Christian evangelical right that sold out to the Zionists and the Deep Stake. Others, such as Pastor Chuck Baldwin, share Griffin’s disdain for the politicized (“agent of Rome”) Christian right, but Griffin is alone at the top of the intellectual mountain on this point.

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Review: Rebel Gene – Secret Space and the Future of Humanity by Kerry Cassidy

5 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)
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5 Stars – The only “Direct Witness” Book & Overview  By a Person I Trust

Reviewed by Robert David STEELE Vivas

Of the 97 non-fiction topical areas in which I read, Extraterrestrials is the one I am least comfortable with.  I have no direct knowledge. However, I have read and reviewed a number of books, and talked personally with retired NASA PhDs and a few DoD colleagues who alleged direct involvement in the secret space program — and I have talked with and even interviewed on video the author of this book, Kerry Cassidy.

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Review: Identity Cartography Maps and Symbols for the Heterarchy

5 Star, Consciousness & Social IQ

5 Stars — Heart, Humanity, Soul, Space — Art as Educator and Healer

In this first book of “The Heterarchy” series, we are introduced to the concept of what comes after the matriarchy and patriarchy – the Heterarchy, the balance and integration of male and female principles – to power our selves, our communities, nation and planet. Based on the essay and exhibit on view at The Woman’s National Democratic Club Museum from Sept 6 – Nov 27, 2018.

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Review: The Intelligence by Nora Maccoby

5 Star, Consciousness & Social IQ
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5 Star — A Novel that Inspires Reflection

In this one book, Nora Maccoby has brought together some of the most important ideas related to extra-terrestrial intelligence, human intelligence, and cosmic intelligence – everything is a form of energy with inherent intelligence. As a former spy who is also a top Amazon non-fiction reviewer, reading in 98 categories, it has taken me decades to achieve a diversified understanding that this one book offers any reader. The author has melded a vast potpourri of nested concepts of intelligence, consciousness, and universalism. I found this book gripping, enchanting, and uplifting. Have you ever wanted your own personal Star Gate? You have it in your hands.

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