Reference: Critical Issues in Contemporary Counter-Intelligence

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Kareh Moravej and Gustavo Diaz


1.  What is Counter-Intelligence?

2.  The Functions of Counter-Intelligence

3.  Frustrating Foreign Intelligence Operations

4.  Counter-Intelligence and the Internet

5.  Foreign Intelligence Agencies

6.  U.S. Counter-Intelligence

7.  The Co-Operative Gamble

8.  Problems & Solutions

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Phi Beta Iota:  A most interesting paper, it fails to recognize that domestic enemies, particularly nakedly amoral violators of the Constitution and amoral politicians who “sell out,” are a greater threat than any external threat.  When internal integrity is lost, one has self-destructed.  The paper also does not discuss “friendly enemies,” among which Israel, France, and Germany are perhaps the most intrusive.

Reference: Intelligence Studies at Dawn of 21st Century

White Papers
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Source (PDF 15 pages)

Phi Beta Iota:  Gustavo Diaz Matey is the author of the two definitive modern works on intelligence out of Spain,

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Among many strong observations in the reference are his statement on page 2,

Intelligence is all but absent, in the work of most international relations theorists and it does not figure in any key International relations theory debates between realist, liberal, institutionalism, constructivist and postmodernist approaches.


1.  Intelligence and the study of International Relations

2.  A Starting Point. What is intelligence?

3.  Popular Culture and Intelligence

4.  Is secrecy the main characteristic of intelligence and the main limitation of intelligence studies?

5.  The open source revolution (OSINT)

6.  Declassification