Worth a Look: The Cato Institute on Intelligence

Worth A Look
CATO on Intelligence List
CATO on Intelligence List

We have not featured “think tanks” on this web site because all of them, with one exception, are ideologically biased and financially-beholden to one of the two parties that monopolize power and exclude both the majority of Americans from an honest electoral process, and the majority of objective experts from the policy and budget dailog.

The CATO Institute appears to be an exception.  Below are a few of their generally dated but still relevant pronouncements on the subject of intelligence as decision support.

Why Spy? The Uses and Misuses of Intelligence Stanley Kober (1996)

Building Leverage in the Long War, Jim Harris (2002)

Intelligence Failures Now and Then, Christopher Preble (2004)

Enemies of Intelligence (Book Review), Justin Logan (2007)

Real Intelligence Failures, Richard W. Rahn (2008)

The Need for Judicial Oversight of Domestic Intelligence Gathering, Timothy Lee (2008)

Mike German on ‘Intelligence’ Reports, Jim Harper (2009)

Graphic: Seven Tribes of Intelligence (Original)

Seven Tribes
Seven Tribes

This was the original depiction.  Since then the media have been separated from the non-governmental organizations (NGO).  They were combined initially as a “ground truth” tribe, but are clearly better understood separately.  Similarly, as Paul Harper from the UN has pointed out, within each tribe, there are huge schisms and diversities of culture and point of view.  Eight tribes are simply a starting point.