Stephen E Arnold: Amazon Sends an E2EE Message to the Google and Microsoft

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Sends an E2EE Message to the Google and Microsoft

I gave a lecture to a group of cyber fraud investigators a week or so ago. I made a point of saying, “E2EE messaging is the new Dark Web.” I think some of the people in the audience resonated with my remarks, but Zoom lectures are not exactly in-person, meet-and-greet events.

I offered a similar observation at this year’s National Cyber Crime Conference. I know that at least one person was listening. I received on the sort of weird Whova app, an atta boy message from a real live Amazon professional.

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Worth a Look: Clyde Cleveland

Worth A Look

SNAPSHOT: Author, Entrepreneur, Gubernatorial Candidate of Iowa, named “First Socially Conscious Venture Capitalist”  in Estes Park, CO 1986 (International Symposium on Conscious Investing).

Clyde is currently the CEO and co-founder of Impact Wealth Group and of IWG Advisors LLC a registered financial advisory company. He splits his time between his work in the financial services industry and his activism. He has been a leader in the movement to restore our country to its founding principles. He has also been a leader in improving our environment as a board member of two successful non-profit organizations and author of two books.

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Yoda: Looking for Fristberg invisible rainbow

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AROUND THE WORLD, we are all controlled by the same, invisible force that tells us when to wake up, when to work, and even when to socialize: time.

After this past year, the concept of time may seem less real than ever, but according to a team of physicists in Colorado, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The team used three different elements to measure the length of a second.

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Def Dog: Cargo ship draws giant penis in Red Sea then becomes wedged in Suez Canal

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*This is probably not an accident

A container ship caught in the Suez Canal took an unusual route through the Red Sea before it became stuck on a major shipping route.

The 200,000-tonne mega ship MV Ever Given has become stuck in the Suez Canal, sparking fears of a “catastrophic” meltdown in world trade and a spike in oil prices.

The ship has ground a significant per cent of the world’s trade to a halt after it took an unusual route through the Red Sea.

Eagle-eyed shipwatchers have noticed the ship’s path appeared to resemble a crude rendering of the male anatomy.

The ship would later become wedged in the canal, which is a critical route for international commerce and allows ships to avoid circumnavigating Africa.

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Worth a Look: Pandemic Blunder: Fauci and Public Health Blocked Early Home COVID Treatment

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Every American feeling anxious, concerned, and frightened about the COVID pandemic will benefit from reading Pandemic Blunder: Fauci and Public Health Blocked Early Home COVID Treatment. This book will help everyone protect their health by becoming better informed about medicines for preventing and curing the COVID infection.

Pandemic Blunder is the first book to explain in detail how and why the federal government failed to do what medicine has always done: promote and support the earliest medical treatment that people can use in their home. Missing from current government actions is the early home/outpatient treatment for COVID that keeps people out of hospitals. The result was a pandemic blunder of massive proportions.

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