Review: Making America’s Budget Policy–From the 1980s to the 1990s (Paperback)

4 Star, Budget Process & Politics

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for Presidential Advisors (Not the Has-Beens),

July 15, 2005
Joseph J. Minarik
This is not the easiest book to read, and it desperately needs a one-page executive summary that a normal person can understand. However, having said that, I have to praise this book as a dated but still valuable primer on budget policy.

The bottom line in this book is clear: America can find $500 billion more in revenue if we return corporations to paying 25% of the total revenue (down to 6% now from a high of 32% in the past), eliminate subsidies and import-export pricing fraud; if we eliminate the tax code and all of its special interest provisions, and rely instead of the marketplace to choose winners and losers; and if we shift to a flat fair tax with no deductions except the mortgage and savings not counted as income. I am over-simplifying, but this book desperate needs distillation.

The author is quite clear on the growing threat to America of the double deficit (both debt and trade),

On balance I am very impressed by the author's grasp of the nuances of budget policy, and while I do not understand all that he writes about, his book has certainly persuaded me that Bill Bradley and he have a grip on this important subject.

It would be quite exciting to see Barack Obama and Ron Paul agree to collaborate on a new coalition government that offers all Americans two things: the restoration of informed engaged democracy where every citizen has access to the information they need, and where every citizen's vote counts; and the elimination of the twin deficits as a national security and competitiveness priority.

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