Review: L’Avenir De L’Eau (The future of water)

5 Star, Water, Energy, Oil, Scarcity
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Erik Orsenna

5.0 out of 5 stars SERIOUS BOOK – Best in French on Water Issue,December 4, 2011

This book was brought to my attention by some high thinkers in Spain when we were having a discussion about the urgency of focusing on water as a matter of national security and sustainable prosperity.

The author is a former State Counsellor to President Mitterand, and a member of the French Academy, in other words, among the very best and brightest that France has to offer.

The author has also written Voyage au pays du cotton but it does not appear to be listed within Amazon US link stack.

The books I have received for UNESCO on their water project can be found in one spot by searching for:

Reference: WATER-Soul of the Earth, Mirror of Our Collective Souls

In the above, links back to the Amazon page for each book are provided.