SGT Report: Is Trump Scaring the Elite Pedophiles? YouTube (3:02)

Citizen Commentary below the Fold.

Naomi Klein: Is Trump the Ubber Shock Fascist?

Naomi Klein: Behind the Curtain of Trump’s Chaotic Horror Show Is an Effective, Destructive ‘Shock-Creation Machine’ Ignore the narrative that Trump is a bumbling idiot: Very bad things are happening, with more to come.

Ezili Danto: Blacks to Trump – Hands OFF Assata Shakur

Besides Haiti, Trump, let us be clear: Hands, the hell OFF Assata Shakur. Focus on US domestic issues. First, direct, Dixieland Sessions to take immediate steps for the US to free the incarcerated US political prisoners, mostly Black, mostly either victims of the FBI’s sick Cointelpro or the racist, bipartisan War on Drugs.

Betty Boop: Impeach Trump’s Impeachers?

Impeach Trump’s Impeachers They’re dirty and crooked as hell. What was the basis for impeaching President Trump after ten days in office? Lieu made it clear that if the Democrats won, they would try to impeach Trump no matter what.