Yoda: Is Donald Trump A Genius? Alert Reader on Suez

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Alert Reader writes in:

Even though I didn’t really get why, it hit me very hard tonight. SUEZ HAD TO BE -AND WAS- AN OPERATION. SUEZ has been a major international maritime traffic since day one. Hell,

  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Humans
  • Oil
  • Raw material and finished products
  • And pharmaceuticals.

Slower but cheaper than airfreight, much, much larger containers. Humongous cargos able to roam the seas from end to end. Enormous business.

A transportation system envisioned to facilitate international commerce by a “well-intentioned” and well-meaning French engineer but Ferdinand de Lesseps was part of deep state from his birth on and even long before. His ancestry made me howl with laughter for hours. Those are our “heroes”. Ferdinand de Lesseps – Wikipedia

If anything was needed and could be transported over long distances by sea fare, whether raw material or finished product, it would be through the Canal: that’s how humans traveled from continent to continent for eons, pirated, invaded, waged wars, conquered. The sea was the answer. Lesseps would make sea transportation easier.

Eisenhower called the hydra “the military-industrial-political complex” or something like that and he was forced to remove “political”. He knew what he meant but caved in to his handlers anyway.

Historically, maritime rules have been the most poorly enforced by treaty except by the ones with the biggest ship and the biggest canons. Maritime laws under the UN and NATO are a joke and have always been since inception. Anything UN does is a joke! The only exception is in territorial waters and even that is a joke! Philippines or Taiwan would have no prayer if China wanted to invade them since UN is dysfunctional anyway and has had nowhere the military power required to go against China… since… 1945? Sheesh! The US never won North-Korea: China was there all along, protecting the people!

Blocking SUEZ had to have been “an operation” and I would like to know for a fact that it was a US-Russia-China-European consensus and not some Deep State nefarious means to its ends. Not quite sure. From what I heard and read, control over the Suez Canal has been a mess and a fiasco from the get-go. There is some semblance of UN authority over it but the UN always follows its biggest financial contributor and always has, and no country appears to have the kind of money the US dished out for decades. It is possible Soros and Gates would but they don’t support the existence of the US… Suez Canal – Wikipedia

I would like to believe that blocking SUEZ was a concerted US-Russia-China-Europe effort, in order to identify, list and catalogue all maritime companies using it and arrive at a consensus on how to control its traffic but… I doubt it. Many maritime companies, which used it to their enormous profit, sailed under so many pavilions of so many countries, it was never accomplished (think Niarchos, Onassis and many other Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Albanians. Arabs, North-Africans, Asians, Europeans, US and others sailing under Panama, Chile, Argentina or any African country’s pavilion, even those who never had a coast! Years ago, some ship sailed under the Malian or Nigerien one and it was so ludicrous, even MSM couldn’t keep a straight face! Pick your pavilion, sail anywhere you want. Just make sure you have the biggest canons or the most cash (pull, influence, name your price or blackmail to death will do).

Which “maritime transport” companies have an interest in maritime transport and how is it documented here, in the US (UN signatory but rules are for the other guy)? Many are “non-profit”. When one starts looking into all the charitable, non profit and their “partners” or “contributors”, it is quite enlightening. Clinton and Evergreen are the clumsy ones, those that Charles Ortel can spot and IRS does nothing against. Which ones are backed by Bill Gates? What do they declare about their cargos? What about Bezos? Elon Musk (can’t believe that anyone stock could do so well when his cars kill so many people and burst into flames so easily…)

So… SUEZ accounting is very much off-limit. Cargos going through are very much off limit and carry from drug to humans to “vaccines” and whatever else. Banks and insurance companies are so opaque that people still don’t know the story of the Olympic purposely sunk as the Titanic for insurance money. They would never give details on cargos going through the SUEZ Canal!

And then you have  the Evergreen truck in China….

Trump didn’t go after accounting. That’s what lawyers do and they know all the escapes.

The thing is… Trump knew and knows all that. And he didn’t go after weapons, drugs or even technology either, which have existed for hundred years, nor did he go after patents and money.

He went after THE ONE THING which he knew would shake masses to the core emotionally and force them to wake up in mass and worldwide: the traffic of human beings (an old practice) and much, much worse… the theft and traffic of CHILDREN. THE LAST SACRED THING HUMANS HAVE AND WHICH NO ONE WILL TOUCH IS THEIR CHILDREN. No religion, no human philosophy known to man, whether in Europe, Asia, America or Africa, allows anyone to hurt a child. He managed to even bring vaccine hesitant and flat-out science-resistant together by refusing to take a stand but opening the door as a question to ask.

How do you bring people together? By showing them their common enemy: the child’s predator. It is my belief that his 2016 meal with XI at Mar-a-Lago was to weigh his commitment to children and possibly reinforce himself that what he had been told of China was absolute bullshit.

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