Memorandum: One-Page Initial Operating Capability (IOC) for a National Open Source Program (NOSP) as Delivered to the Senate Armed Service Committee (SASC)

Budgets & Funding, Memoranda

During the August recess this got in to several SASC staff that were contemplating an OSINT initiative.  Don Gessman provided the recommended breakdown including an earmarked amount for inter-agency OSINT.  The Department of Defense and the Combatant Commands have always been the central organizing base for a national OSINT program, which would be funded by non-reimbursable defense allocation.

Below add up to $125M at Initial Operating Capability (IOC).  See the separate Memorandum on a $2B a year Full Operating Capability (FOC) centered on Defense but inclusive of Whole of Government planning, programming, budgeting, and campaigning (PPBC).

SASC One-Pager = $125M IOC
SASC One-Pager = $125M IOC

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