2002 Bjore (SE) InfoSphere Knowledge Making Sense

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Mats Bjore
Mats Bjore

PLATINUM Lifetime Award, Mr. Mats Bjore, Sweden
There is no other person who has created a national open source intelligence capability, with recognition from the Royal War Academy for doing so; then gone on to rationalize McKinsey knowledge management in the Nordic region, then created the foremost international commercial intelligence practice in InfoSphere AB, and concluded with the creation of Silobreaker, a combination of sources and tools that takes the information industry to a new level.  Mats Bjore is the ultimate Long Range Reconnaissance Philosopher-Warrior.

Then Major Bjore came to the 1992 conference, absorbed all he could, and returned to Sweden to create the first military open source unit of consequence.  He has been the originator and primary international practitioner of Commercial Intelligence, which is an order of magnitude more holistic, substantive, and profitable than Competitive Intelligence or worse, Business Intelligence (internal data mining).  While OSS.Net, Inc. retains all rights to the sales phrase “Information costs money, Intelligence makes money,” Mats Bjore and InfoSphere have epitomized the concept in their being.  He is also a principal in the creation of SILOBREAKER, follow the Frog to experience that free online analytic toolkit.  Below is his contribution to OSS '02.

Mats Bjore
Mats Bjore
World Conflict Map 2001

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