Reference: National Plan to Achieve Maritime Domain Awareness (October 2005)

Director of National Intelligence et al (IC), DoD
Maritime Domain Awareness
Maritime Domain Awareness

This is a good plan, a model for others to follow, as far as it goes.  It is an Industrial-Era plan that focuses on the man-made and ignores the “Sea State” that should be our larger concern.  Noteworthy is the emphasis on information-sharing andd sense-making.  Also noteworthy is the specific attention to international and domestic outreach.

That having been said, this is a 50% plan.  The U.S. Navy needs to dig deep, find its soul, and expand the plan to monitor, understand, and preserve Mother Sea in partnership with all those listed in the Concept of Operations for the Maritime Intelligence Center promulgated on 19 August 2009.  And for vision, 450-Ship Navy Peace from the Sea.

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