2006 House Appropriations Committee Public Law 109-163 6 January 2006 Section 931 Department of Defense Strategy for Open-Source Intelligence

Historic Contributions, Legislation
HAC DoD OSINT Strategy
HAC DoD OSINT Strategy

Here is a summary of what Congress demanded from DoD that has not been provided to date:

1)  A plan for providing funds

2)  A description of management now and as it could be improved

3)  A description of tools, systems, centers, organizational entities amd procedures

4)  A description of proven tradecraft including operational security

5) A description of OSINT fusion with other disciplines

6)  A description of a training plan and guidance for DoD intelligence personnel

7) A plan to incorporate oversight of OSINT

8) A plan to incorporate the OSINT specialty int oall existing DoD personnel systems;

9) Aplan to utilize reserve personnel; and

10) A plan for the use of the Open Source Information System (OSIS).

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