Review: The Five Love Languages–How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate (Paperback)

5 Star, Consciousness & Social IQ

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Amazon Page

5.0 out of 5 stars Required Gift for “Hard” Men,

March 19, 2006
Gary Chapman
I freely confess to being what Peter Drucker calls a “mono-maniac,” which is a person who has reached a point in life where one really big issue drives them and all that they do. As I think back on a life as a Marine Corps infantry officer and a clandestine case officer (spy), I really wish that stuff like this was covered at every life stage–from Family Life in high school to Life 101 in college to “tradeoffs and compromises” in Officer Candidate School and at The Farm.

As someone who is at the top of their professional game, and with what may well be one of the lowest “social IQS” around, I absolutely recommend this book, and its children-oriented companion, as gifts for those you care about how might be, like me, too focused on the “hard” world and not paying enough attention on the home front.

It is a simple formula, easy to understand, easy to apply, and the book is a “soft” equivalent of a “2 x 4” hit on the head of a jackass–once the message is received, I think it does have some positive effect.

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