Review: Complete Official Mgb Model Years 1962-1974: Comprising the Official Driver’s Handbook, Workshop Manual, Special Tuning Manual (Paperback)

5 Star

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Amazon Page

Not the Same As Hayes Manual, Adds to the Library,

August 14, 2006
British Leyland Motors
MGB Automotive Repair Manual: All Models of the MGB Roadster and GT Coupe With 1798 CC (110 cu in Engine) (Haynes Manuals) by John Haynes is still the world-class best.

This book is bigger, heavier, more white space, larger print, better diagrams and illustrations, and for all those reasons, it adds to the library.

The “Driver's Handbook” is 22 pages of really basic stuff, while the special tuning manual appears to be more or less a restatement of the calibration data for the car.

If I could only afford to buy one book, I would not buy this, and would go instead with the Haynes Manual. If money is not an issue, I would buy this book fourth in line, after Haynes, “The MGB Restoration Manual” by Porter which dramatically enhances Haynes on points of restoration, and “Original MGB C-V8 Compl: The Complete Guide to All Roadster and GT Models (Original Series)” by Anders Ditlev Clausager which is a dramatic color photo compilation of what perfect looks like.

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