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October 5, 2006

9/11 Press for Truth is better, but this DVD is very worthwhile. It opens with George Soros being concerned about the dangerous foreign policies and actions of the Bush Administration, and then moves directly into asking 9 people 11 questions (generally one person per question). Here are the questions in abridged form:

1) Should airlines have been prepared?
2) What did Bush Administration know, and when?
3) Why wasn't the US military prepared or able to respond?
4) How did Administration respond to military failure?
5) Any ties between US Intelligence and the terrorists?
6) Were there plans for a war in Central Asia before the Bush election?
7) Is there an underlying motive for putting US military into Central Asia?
8) Is there historical evidence that US Government is willing to kill its own citizens and blow up its own ships and buildings as a pretext for war?
9) How has the US Government reaction to 9-11 impacted on civil liberties?
10) How has present legislation affected lives of American people?

The movie concludes with some very reasonable thoughts:

1) Across America people are oblivious to what is being done in their name by the US Government and the US military.
2) The War on Terror is a pretext for imperial expansion into oil-rich areas.
3) Criminalization of the state occurs when the state gets to decide who is a criminal without the consent of the people, the courts, or the Congress.
4) Congress rolled over and gave both airlines and US Government a free get out of jail pass the day after 9-11.
5) We *need* the voices of dissent now more than ever, to uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law.
6) The Patriot Act must be repealed.
7) Need to rebuild on the basis of individuality and honor, not corporations and corruption.
8) We're in a war for the future of humanity.

The general tone is a bit too left-wing for my taste, but in no way does this undermine the reasoned sanity of the questions and the answers. Definitely worth buying, viewing, and sharing.

Edit of 16 Oct 06: View this with “Loose Change” (second edition) which is unfortunately not sold via Amazon.

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