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Left BehindBanal, Pathetic, Out of Touch,

January 30, 2007

Kirk Cameron

I have always had a morbid fascination with that segment of the population that believes that the Bible is the only book one has to read, and that great literature consists entirely of the Left Behind series. I bought this movie to get a sense of this group.

Banal is the kindest word I can find for this tripe. Third rate actors, low-rent science fiction backdrops, and completely out of touch with reality. The movie opens with the Israeli agricultural “miracle.” What it does not tell the audience is that Israel would be a dead state if it were not for the 20% of the Israeli government's budget funded by US taxpayers through the US Government's very unwise investment in this apartheid regime (see Jimmy Carter's new book) and if it were not for the blatant Israeli underground pipes that are literally looting the Arab aquifers at long range and from way beneath the earth. Israeli agriculture is not a miracle, it is a travesty–it consumes 50% of all the water used in Israel, and produces less than 5% of the Gross Domestic Product.

The movie goes downhill from there. Just to place it in a proper religous movie context, if the “Ten Commandments” was a perfect 10, this movie is no more than a 1 and certainly not even close to a 2.

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