Review: Crisis Preparedness Handbook–A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival

6 Star Top 10%, Survival & Sustainment

Crisis PreparednessThe One Book to Buy–Be Ready to Work Hard,

February 17, 2007

Jack A. Spigarelli

This is quite an extraordinary book. I read a lot, mostly non-fiction, and I give this author credit for doing an absolutely tremendous job of research, of book construction, and of presentation.

THe bulk of the book is about food and water–stockpiling, production, and preservation are the three largest chapters–but the rest of it is completely useful as well.

The resources section is lengthy, explicit, diverse, and totally helpful.

I put the book down with a comment to my wife that survival is very hard work, and preparing for survival is almost as hard. This book does everything possible to help you get started. It is chock full of gems, for example, plan on 26 rolls of toilet paper per person per year. I had no idea!

I also admire the author for being blunt about not favoring “retreat homes.” His common sense view is that you have two choices: move now, or prepare your existing home for survival. His thinking, that it may be impossible to GET to your retreat home (or, I would add, once you get there, take it back from the armed strangers that have broken in and will kill you on sight) makes perfect sense.

This is not the only book you want. I admire the two spotlighted reviews very much, and have kept my own review short because of the excellence of the other reviews. Let there be no doubt: this book is worth every penny, and every minute of your time.

I recommend a four-part approach to preparedness: a below-ground safe room and iodine pills, train the kids to go deep and sit for three days in case of a nuclear event; a 3-4 week supply of water, food, and essentials that assumes NO ELECTRICITY; a one-year rudimentary supply kit; and a neighbohood association to study and prepare for survival as a group.

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