Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Pasi Valimaki

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Pasi Välimäki is a major in the Finnish Army. As a signals officer he specialised in land forces electronic warfare (EW), later in intelligence. He served two tours in the Balkans. Between May 1995 and May 1996 he was a UN military observer in Sarajevo, Zagreb and in Prevlaka. Between February and September 2000 he was the Chief S2 with the Finnish Battalion in KFOR.

Pasi Välimäki has written several papers and articles on strategy and security studies, published in Finland. His main publication is Intelligence in Peace Support Operations, published in the Finnish Defence Studies series no. 14. He is presently doing postgraduate studies at Helsinki University on the subject of ‘Coercive Diplomacy and Intelligence in Crisis Response’.

Bridging the Gap: Intelligence and Peace Support Operations

The Book
The Book

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