Review: You’re Not Stupid! Get the Truth–A Brief on the Bush Presidency

5 Star, Empire, Sorrows, Hubris, Blowback, Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform)

You Not StupidRead Hare's Review, Excellent Complement to Tarpley Book on Bush,

March 2, 2007

William John Cox

After reading Hare's review I do not have anything to add other than to say that this book is a wonderful compelemnt to “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush” by Webster Tarpley, whose book on 9/11 I also recommend very highly.

As documented by this book, this attorney and author, George Bush is one of the most crooked, inept, and deceitful people ever to serve in the Presidency. By no means alone, he never-the-less takes mendacity to a new level, and this author is to be congratulated for his painstaking effort to document the facts–I only regret that we could not reach enough Americans in 2004 to prevent a second four years.

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