2008 Open Source Intelligence (Operational)

Articles & Chapters, Intelligence (Government/Secret), Intelligence (Public)

Operational OSINT (Chapter 10 in Handbook of Intelligence Studies) with p 145

Executive Summary
– Definition and scope
– Open source intelligence and joint or coalition operations
– Private sector information offerings
– OSINT and the emerging future intelligence architecture of NATO
Introduction to Open Source Intelligence
– Definitions
– OSINT in context
– OSINT and information operations
– OSINT and national security
– OSINT and the larger customer base for intelligence
– OSINT and the levels of analysis
– OSINT and coalitions
– OSINT and saving the world
– OSINT as a transformative catalyst for reform
Open Sources of Information
Open Source Software and Software for Exploitation
Open Source Services
The Open Source Intelligence Cycle
Applied Open Source Intelligence
– Open source intelligence tradecraft
– Mission relevance of open source intelligence
— Missioon area applications
– Money Matters
— Funding trade-offs
— Contracting mistakes
— Metrics for measuring return on investment
—–Cost of secrecy
—–Relative value
—–Return on sharing
— Commercial strategy
— Budget and manning implications
– The value of sharing
Notes 1-30

This handbook is both much shorter than, and completely different from, the five-volume set on Strategic Intelligence.  Edited by Professor Dr. Loch Johnson, the dean of the practitioner-scholars, it includes a Chapter 10 my updating and adaptation of the NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook to be of gneeral=purpose utility to the public practitioner.

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