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July 26, 2007

Mark Wahlberg

Most reviewers are missing what insiders would recognize as a very credible scenario for the various assassinations that have taken place in America. I found this movie compelling and I certainly do not subtract anything for any of what others found to be “bombs, babes, and booze.” News flash: that's what it's like.

The movie kept me guessing until the end, and I like it so much I am adding it to my list of “Great Spy DVDs” and palcing it second after only Breach. This movie has a real message that most miss: privatizing our spies and our military is absolutely the fastest way to out-source and lose our national honor.

Four books I especially recommend, for those who want to reflect on just how ugly it can get when money or ideology rather than honor talks:

Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
The Global Class War: How America's Bipartisan Elite Lost Our Future – and What It Will Take to Win It Back
How to Prevent Genocide: A Guide for Policymakers, Scholars, and the Concerned Citizen

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