Graphic: United Nations (UN) & Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Intelligence Tribe (8 of 8)

UN-NGO Tribe
UN-NGO Tribe

This tribe includes all the non-profit organizations but is distinguished from civil society by its structure and orientation.  This tribe now vastly outnumbers all the other tribes combined on the battlefield and across the arena of hybird operations.  It's intelligence or decision-support capabilities are severely deficient at the same time that it represents an extraordinary opportunity to harness vast time-energy resources including contributed funds and contributed goods as well as contributed labor.

NOTE:  Commentator is clearly experienced.  We have grouped all of these because the discipline of public intelligence is just emergent now.  In the future each of the eight tribes should self-determine useful distinctions such as those below elevated from the Comment to the main page:

+ International Organizations (IO) have specific roles in international law.

+ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) are chartered by different countries, some have observer status and some do not, depending on the specific domain.

+ Within UN Mission Areas (e.g. Peacekeeping)  there are different cultures and capabilities from humanitarian workers and human rights workers.

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