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5.0 out of 5 stars Military Honor and Cultural Understanding in Face of Political Treachery

September 7, 2007

Gene Hackman

This is one of the movies I turn to when I am in dispair over the nakedly amoral and utterly treasonous behavior of Dick Cheney.   Gene Hackman excels in this movie made very early in his career, as an honorable Foreign Legion officer whose men respect him, an officer given what today we would recognize as an illegal order, to go into Morocco and steal antiquities.

The end result is that the mission unites the Arab tribes, something no Arab leader could every have done on their own. I am reminded of how the lies and misbehavior of the Cheney-Bush Administration have united the Islamic tribes while emboldening transnational criminal gangs and indigenous poor who now see that the global class war, corruption, dictators that we love (42 out of 44 anyway), are all imperial, evil, and not at all worthy of public support.

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