Review: Navigating Social-Ecological Systems–Building Resilience for Complexity and Change

1 Star, Information Society

NavigatingThis Book Joins my List of Great Books at Wrong Price,March 29, 2008

Fikret Berkes

If the author will get in touch with me I can publish the book for sale at a cost of no morethan $39.95. If a digital copy of the book is available, I would like to post it immediately.

This book is an example of what happens when authors do not demand control over the pricing of their work.

This is an important topic, and no doubt a superb book, but this publisher is “out of control” and should be driven out of business by smart buyers who refuse to spend money foolishly. As a publisher myself, I can tell you that books like this cost no more than a penny a page to print.

Sadly, Amazon has refused my suggestion that they offer authors a direct publishing deal in which digital copies are delivered to Amazon where they can be sold as micro-text for micro-cash, or sold by the chapter, or sold as a digital transfer to the nearest FedExKinko's where they are perfectly capable of printing a hard copy book “one at a time.”

I care deeply about using knowledge to save Humanity and the Planet, and seeing prices like this on worthy books makes my blood boil. Search Amazon for this topic, there are at least ten other books on this topic that are more honorably priced.

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