Review: Business Blindspots–Replacing Your Company’s Entrenched and Outdated Myths, Beliefs and Assumptions With the Realities of Today’s Markets

5 Star, Intelligence (Commercial)
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Seminal Work for Commercial Intelligence, May 8, 2008

Benjamin Gilad

This is one of a tiny handful of truly useful, insightful, and applicable books in commercial intelligence.

Page 1 has the following line that I continue to cite:

“Top manager's information is invariably either biased, subjective, filtered, or late.”

True then, true today, and also applicable in government and in the non-profit world.

The other vitally important quote:

“Using intelligence correctly requires a fundamental change in the way top executives make decisions.”

Ben Gilad, Babette Bensoussan, Jan Herring, Leonard Fuld, Mats Bjore, Arno Reuser, and Steve Edwards are the only minds that I consider to be at the pinnacle of the profession. No doubt there are others, but these are the ones that in all of my reading, have never, ever, been displaced from the top rank once I understood their work.

Buy this book used, it is a CLASSIC of enduring value. Buy anything published by this brilliant practitioner.

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