Who’s Who in Commercial Intelligence: Jan Herring

Alpha E-H, Commercial Intelligence
Jan Herring
Jan Herring

Jan Herring is President of Herring & Associates LLC, a management consultancy, specializing in intelligence matters, and a fouinding principal at the Academy of Competitive Intelligence, the gold standard for commercial intelligence training at all levels, entry, mid-career, and capstone.

He is unique in the world of commercial intelligence for having been the first modern pioneer and champion in the U.S. Intelligence Community for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).  As the very first person ever to hold the office of National Intelligence Officer for Science & Technology (NIO S&T), he attempted in the early 1980's to repair the severe deficiency in access to open sources in all languages.  His work laid the foundation for work by others that will eventually result in a national Open Source Agency fully independent of but support of the secret world.

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