Who’s Who in Commercial Intelligence: Mats Bjore

Alpha A-D, Commercial Intelligence
Mats Bjore
Mats Bjore

Mats Bjore is unique in many ways.  He is one of just two Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) pioneers recognized with Royal Awards for his accomplishment in creating the Swedish Military Long-Range Reconnaissance OSINT network.  He has gone on to be a successful manager for knowledgement (McKinsey), and advisor to Factiva, and CEO and founder of two companies, INFOSHERE AB and SILOBREAKER AB, as well as a third company-software, Able-to-Act.

From 1992 onwards, he has been one of a dozen people nurturing OSINT, a hybrid discipline now established in over 90 countries around the world.

We credit him with coining the term “commercial intelligence” to provide for 360 degree intelligence that embraces “true cost” accounting as well as intangible valuations that “competitive intelligence” does not appreciate.

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