AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 20 July 2009


Hot Topics

BW: Nationality for sale 07/18/09

CG: Congo-Kinshasa: An Action Plan to End the Worlds Deadliest War 07/16/09

ER: The Existential Threat to the Nation 07/19/09

KE: War is Boring: Kenya Allegedly Funneling Arms to Volatile South Sudan 07/15/09

LR: Charles Taylor: Preacher, Warlord, President 07/17/09

NG: Jihadis Identify US Plots against China in Xinjiang and Africa 07/17/09

NG: The new scramble for Africa 07/18/09

SD: UN official warns of escalation in Sudans Abyei 07/18/09

SO: French hostages given to al Qaeda-linked Somali group 07/17/2009

TD: Another Phony Peace 07/20/09


AO: Angola concerned about conflicts threatening international … 07/16/09

CD: DRC-UGANDA: LRA torture of civilians continues 07/17/09

GN: Guinea junta threatens doubters with arrest 07/14/09

KE: Kenya: Top Leaders Accused of Planning Violence 07/18/09

MG: Madagascar police say 3 dead in attacks 07/19/09

MR: Suspected Islamist duo killed American in Mauritania: state security 07/18/09

SD: E. Equatorias legislators threatened by military officer 07/20/09

SO: 4 wounded in central Somalia fighting after Ethiopia pullout 07/18/09

ZM: Journos face arrest for military training 07/15/09

Special Operations

DZ: Algeria ex-rebels say cash key to weakening Qaeda 07/15/09

KE: Kenya: US Killed Al-Qaeda Man Behind Govts Back 07/14/09

Security Forces

CG: CONGO: Army Accused Of Atrocities 07/14/09

GH: Ghana: Grumbling Among Military Officers in Takoradi 07/15/09

GM: Breaking News: A Top Gambian Army Officer Absconds To The United States 07/19/09

LR: Liberia: UN troop on high alert 07/19/09

MG: Madagascan High Transitional Authority to improve security 07/17/09

NG: Nigerian rebels: troop movement threatens peace 07/15/09

ZW: Zimbabwe Military Forces Stay in Diamond Fields 07/16/09

Foreign Affairs

CD: China vows closer bonds with DR Congo 07/15/09

CF: Central African Rebel Groups Join Disarmament Process-Official 07/15/09

ET: Ethiopia: Somali Regional State, Diasporas Help Not Needed! 07/19/09

KE: Kenya: Secret meetings as Hague beckons 07/18/09

NG: MEND declares a temporary ceasefire 07/15/09

RW: Rwanda: UN Envoy Calls for Tougher Measures Against FDLR 07/14/09

SD: Darfur peace mediator welcomes release of 60 Sudanese soldiers 07/20/09

UG: UN open to Uganda rebel talks 07/16/09


AO: Angolan gangs, rape growing like mushrooms 07/15/09

CG: Congos Kabila cleans out judiciary in graft swoop 07/16/09

CG: Human rights group raises alarm over Congo rapes 07/16/09

GM: Gambia North Bank region governor arrested 07/18/09

ZA: South African Civil Society Demands Govt Agree To Arrest Bashir 07/16/09

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