CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 23 July 2009


Hot Topics

AF: US looks for progress in Afghanistan 07/22/09

IR: Israel out to curb Iranian infiltration 07/22/09

KZ: Internet Use at Risk in Ex-Soviet Bloc 07/22/09

KZ: Uighurs in Kazakhstan rally against China crackdown 07/19/09

OM: 35 Million Joints Seized in Gulf of Aden 07/22/09

PK:  Pakistan Objects to U.S. Expansion in Afghan War 07/22/09

PK:  Pakistan Swat Taliban leader alive -spokesman 07/23/09

PK: Pakistan demands US intelligence, ammunition 07/22/09

QA:  Shin Bet warns: Qatar sheikh funding Hamas activities in Jerusalem 07/20/09

YE:  Minister denies al Qaeda figures move to Yemen 07/20/09

Instability AF: 13 die as Taliban bombers attack 2 Afghan cities 07/21/09

AF: 2 US troops, 1 Briton killed in Afghanistan 07/22/09

AF: Taliban claims responsibility for new wave of attacks in Afghanistan 07/21/09

AF: Taliban threatens to kill captured US soldier 07/17/09

EG: One killed, four wounded in tunnel under Gaza-Egypt borders 07/19/09

IQ:  Blasts Kill at Least 10 in Baghdad 07/21/09

IQ:  Iraq attacks kill 5, including anti-Qaeda leaders son 07/19/09

IQ:  Iraq bombings kill 19 07/22/09

LB: Hezbollahs Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speaks to commemorate death of Islamic Labour Front leader Fathi Yakan 07/20/09

PK:  Pakistans mock war on Taliban 07/23/09

PK: Anti-Baitullah Taliban groups merge, appoint new leader 07/22/09

SA: World tight-lipped on Saudi abuse: Amnesty 07/21/09

SA: The Arab Mercenaries! 07/21/09

YE:  Yemen says Shiite rebels kill officer, bodyguards 07/21/09

Special Operations

AF: U.S. bombs poppy crop to cut Taliban drug ties 07/21/09

KZ: SPO MP admits contact with Kazakh secret-service member 07/22/09

PK: Intercepting the Taliban – 07/21/09

PK:  Mehsud network being targeted with precision 07/22/09

PK:  Osama bin Ladens son thought killed in Predator strike 07/23/09

Security Forces

AF: Afghanistan moves troops to south, clashes in north 07/22/09

IQ: Iraq arrests suspect in killing of 3 U.S. soldiers 07/19/09

KG:  (Kyrgyzstan) Kyrgyz forces arrest Taliban-linked militants: report 07/18/09

KG: Kyrgyz forces arrest Taliban-linked militants: report 07/18/09

KW: Drug addict in peddling 07/21/09

LB:  Lebanon arrests Al Qaeda-linked militants – 07/22/09

LB:  LEBANON: Ad agency served as cover for terror plot, reports say 07/22/09

OM: From petty thief to dreaded terrorist 07/23/09

PK:  U.S. sees Pakistan securing Swat before attacking Mehsud 07/23/09

PK: US Predator strikes in North Waziristan, kills 5 07/17/09

PK: Waziristan a tough nut for Pakistani forces 07/22/09

PK: Army kills 33 Taliban in Malakand, S Waziristan 07/22/09

PK: Over 50 militants killed in NW Pakistans Lower Dir 07/21/09

TJ:  Drug business pays dividends in Tajikistan 07/21/09

TJ: Tajiks say 5 foreign terrorists killed in clash 07/20/09

YE: One killed in clashes with police in south Yemen 07/23/09

Foreign Affairs

AF: Afghanistan-Pakistan together in war on terror: ministers 07/18/09

IQ: U.S. Will Push U.N. to Lift Iraq Sanctions 07/23/09

KG: Kyrgyzstan leader plays a skilful diplomatic game 07/23/09

LB: Skirmish in south Lebanon reignites tension 07/21/09

PK: India, Pakistan to Share Intelligence – Anti-Terror Effort Marks Break in Recriminations That Followed Mumbai Attacks 07/17/09

PS:  Signs of Hope Emerge in the West Bank 07/17/09

UZ: Uzbekistan, Malta sign cooperation agreement 07/21/09


AE: Rise in Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Espionage Tied … 07/18/09

AE: United Arab Emirates: Judge Closes Terrorism Case to Public 07/21/09

KW: Pakistani busted in KD 1.5 million gold heist; I did it on my own … 07/21/09

PS: Bomb explodes at wedding of Hamas rivals in Gaza 07/22/09

PS: Palestinian sentenced to 15-year sentence for joining al-Qaeda 07/23/09

SA: Saudi Authorities Arrest Over 65000 Illegal Immigrants in Three Months 07/20/09

SA: Sumayyah Meehan about human trafficking in the Middle East 07/21/09

YE: Somalis charged with hijacking 07/23/09

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