Phi Beta Iota Objectives

  • Encourage and recognize public intelligence in the public interest
  • Advance public knowledge of the proven process of intelligence (decision-support)
    • Requirements definition
    • Collection management
    • Source discovery & vetting
    • Advanced machine-speed automated processing
    • Advanced desktop analytic tool sets
    • Value of Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) over partial proprietary “entrapment”
    • “Full-Spectrum” Human Intelligence (HUMINT) harnessing distributed knowledge
    • Critical thinking in historical, multi-cultural, and multi-dimensional contexts
    • Appreciation for collaboration across all boundaries (cultural, disciplinary, domain)
    • Understanding of how to deliver “just enough, just in time, just right” decision-support
  • Communicate with the public and with all sources and methods relevant to public intelligence
  • Advance the use by Civil Society of the legal ethical sources and methods of public intellignece
  • Encourage students to practice the art and science of public intelligence as both a form of applied learning and complex adaptive collaboration, and as a public service

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