CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 30 July 2009


Hot Topics

AF: Americas New Nightmare 07/28/09

AF: Taliban issues Code of Conduct to fighters in Afghanistan 07/30/09

IR:  Iran and the Taliban, allies against America 07/28/09

IR:  Report: Hezbollah Leader Threatens Tel Aviv Strike 07/27/09

KZ: Economic meltdown only latest woe for oil-rich Kazakhstan 07/30/09

PS:  Gaza Strip to Get Access to Reconstruction Materials 07/30/09

PS:  Rocket-battered Israeli border town enjoying calm 07/30/09

SA: Saudi Arabia Ready to Combat Swine Flu During Haj 07/25/09

YE: Aid Wont Fix The Crisis in Yemen 07/26/09


AA: News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 07/29/09

AA: Radical Islam on rise in central Asia 07/30/09

AA: The Caspian boils again 07/29/09

AF: Bomb Kills 8 Afghans Escorting NATO Convoy 07/28/09

AF: Taliban says it will disrupt Afghan poll 07/30/09

IQ:  Iraqi Raid Poses Problem for U.S. 07/30/09

LB: Lebanons quiet summer may soon pass 07/28/09

PK: Taliban kill Pakistani militia leader as violence flares in Swat valley 07/30/09

PK: Taliban suicide bomber kills two troops in North Waziristan
IQ:  Iraqi Troops Raid Iranian Dissident Camp, in Nod to Tehran 07/29/09

PK: Threat forces U.N. to scale back in SW Pakistan 07/30/09

YE: Attacks on Abyan Governors House and Almaz Company; Tribesmen … 07/25/09

YE: One protester killed in south Yemen clashes 07/25/09

YE: Yemen – the next failed state? 07/27/09

Special Operations

AF: US intelligence gathering in Afghanistan expanded 07/24/09

IQ: Media Department Helps Place Iraqi Special Operations Forces in … 07/28/09

LB: Lebanese soldiers reportedly receive Hizballah missile training 07/26/09

PK:  Pakistan rescues boys trained as suicide bombers 07/28/09

PS:  IDF Reveals Hamas Terror Academy Recruitment Video 07/28/09

SA: Country prepared for any radiological emergency 07/25/09

TJ: Taming Tajikistans Eastern Valleys 07/28/09

Security Forces

AF: New rules let Germans in Afghanistan stop shouting and start shooting 07/29/09

AF: Spain Is Open to Bolstering Forces in Afghanistan 07/30/09

IQ:  Iraq says raid on militant groups camp wasnt Irans idea 7/30/09

IQ: Arrests of Sunni Leaders Rise in Baghdad 07/30/09

IR: Iran to open naval bases in the Sea of Oman 07/30/09

PK:  Pakistan detains radical cleric Sufi Mohammed 07/26/09

PK:  Pakistan Injects Precision Into Air War on Taliban 07/30/09

TJ:  Tajik forces kill suspected Islamist rebel -source 07/29/09

Foreign Affairs

AF: Taliban peace deal was bought for £20,000 07/29/09

EG:  US Peace Envoy in Egypt in Effort to Revive Arab-Israeli Talks 07/28/09

KG: Kyrgyz opposition vows protests over disputed vote 07/25/09

KW: UN urges alternatives to Iraqi war reparations to Kuwait 07/27/09

LB:  Lebanese calm evaporating 07/28/09

LB:  Unresolved Issue of Hezbollahs Weapons Back in the Spotlight 07/28/09

LB: US slams alleged Hezbollah bid to impede arms cache probe 07/24/09

PK: Decisive Action Taken Against Baitullah Mehsud: Rehman Malik 07/28/09

SY: Syrias Goose Lays a Golden Egg 07/26/09

SY: U.S. Opens Way to Ease Sanctions Against Syria 07/29/09


EG:  Egypt sets August 2 for trial of alleged Hezbollah operatives 07/29/09

IQ: 8 killed in $7-million Baghdad bank robbery 07/29/09

PK:  Headless body of –spy- found in N Waziristan village 07/26/09

PK: Bomb outside court kills 2, wounds 4 in Pakistan 07/30/09

YE: Kidnapping Hinders Development Projects: Yemeni FM 07/28/09

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