Event: 12-15 Nov 09 San Mateo (SF), Engaging the Other: The Power of Compassion

Common Bond Institute
Common Bond Institute

An International, Multidisciplinary, Multicultural Conference examining concepts of “The OTHER” from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote wider public dialogue about images of “Us and Them”

This event is warmly recommended by both the National Coalition for Dialog & Deliberation (NCDD) and Phi Beta Iota.  It is the kind of event that every member of any kind of Human Terrain Team (HTT) and other related Human Intelligence (HUMINT) sub-disciplinary collector and first-echelon analyst could benefit from.

Technology is not a substitute for thinking.  The twelve principles adopted by Phi Beta Iota are repeated below to emphasize the value that we place on the work of both the NCDD and Common Bond.  Click on the Phi Beta Iota seal below to read the full discussion of the Twelve Principles by their originator Will Keepen of the Santayana Institute.

Twelve Principles

01  Motivation based on love

02  Non-attachment to outcome

03  Integrity is one’s protection

04  Integrity in means and ends

05  Do not demonize adversaries

06  Embrace any enemy within We

07  Work for the world, not self

08  In serving world, we serve Us

09  Feel the pain of all in the We

10  Engage with love, not anger

11  Rely on faith in the larger We

12  Let the heart guide the brain

Will Keepen on Twelve Principles
Will Keepen on Twelve Principles

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