EUCOM Week in Review ending 22 July 2009


Hot Topics

AZ:  Azerbaijan-Russia gas deal mainly attributable to Russias defense 07/17/09

BA:  Bosnians Got What They Voted For 07/20/09

BG:  Court action against Bulgarian military for gender discrimination 07/19/09

DE:  France, Germany vie to sell Pakistan subs 07/22/09

IL:  In Possible Iran Signal, Israeli Boats Cross Suez 07/21/09

IL:  Mossad and Military Intelligence engaged in power struggle 07/20/09

KV:  US head: NATO to reduce Kosovo troops 07/21/09

PL:  Wolverines arrive in Afghanistan damaged 07/17/09

RU:  Can Russia Influence Iran to Curb Its Nuclear Ambitions? 07/21/09

RU:  Decades of Suicidal Policies Vis-a-vis Russia and China 07/22/09

RU:  Russia, China kick off military exercises 07/22/09

RU:  Russian subs mapping the North-Atlantic 07/21/09


UK:  Britain lowers al Qaeda threat level – to substantial 07/20/09


BG:  Bulgaria Risks Falling under Russias Influence 07/20/09

DE:  German Islamists heading to Pakistan training camps 07/19/09

GR:  Greece Immigrant Repression 07/17/09

IL:  Amid relatively calm West Bank, settlers still struggle with security 07/21/09

IL:  Analysis: Settler unrest tests under-resourced police 07/21/09

IL:  Israel slams civilian occupation of army post 07/18/09

MD:  Communists Lead, Outcome Uncertain in Moldova 07/19/09

RU:  The Kremlin's bloody trail 07/21/09

TR:  One soldier killed in landmine blast in southeastern Turkey 07/21/09

Special Operations

IL:  Police set up special unit ahead of mass outpost evacuation 07/22/09

IL:  Amir Oren / Netanyahu-Obama spat harming IDF capability on Iran 07/19/09

IL:  Israel tests anti-Katyusha missile shield 07/17/09

TR:  FM hopeful of a peaceful solution to avoid hot pursuit 07/21/09

RU:  Russian Intelligence Granted New Powers over Citizens 07/21/09

RU:  Situation in North Caucasus remains complex: Medvedev 07/21/09

RU:  Big Brother is Listening 07/21/09

Security Forces

AL:  Italian Fighter Jets To Patrol Albania Airspace 07/17/09

AM:  Agenda For National Mobilization 07/17/09

CY:  Turkish Cypriot President Receives Turkish First Army Commander 07/18/09

CZ:  US Missile Defence – The Way Forward 07/20/09

DE:  Germany: First New Post-Cold War World Military Power 07/17/09

ES: Spain to help Mali battle Al-Qaeda: official 07/21/09

GE:  Georgia Targeting Military Operations in Afghanistan 07/20/09

HR:  Croatias Defence Force Will Be Conscript-free By The End Of 2009 07/19/09

MT:  Updated: Reference to security removed from ministers speech 07/17/09

RU:  Global Insights: Troubled Times for Moscows Eurasian Military Bloc 07/21/09

RU:  Over 5000 pirates operate off Somali coast: Russian Navy 07/18/09

TR:  Turkey helps tackle Afghanistans growing drug trade 07/18/09

RU:  Russia to continue Bulava tests after examining latest failure 07/17/09

Foreign Affairs

AL:  Albanian PM Defends Coal Plant 07/20/09

AZ:  Azerbaijan collaborates with NATO 07/19/09

BG:  In Open Letter, CEE Leaders Warn Obama That US Ties May Be Slipping 07/17/09

FI:  Reduction of Finnish Peace Keepers in Afghanistan During Upcoming Elections...07/18/09

IL:  Israel demands tougher UN action against Hezbollah arms 07/17/09

RS:  Military is best aspect of US-Serbia relations 07/17/09

RS:  Speed of Serbias integration with EU depends on Government 07/20/09

RU:  Russia against arms race in Arctic – foreign ministry 07/21/2009

TR:  Analyst Usul says Europe should bring down walls to ensure security 07/19/09

TR:  Turkish-Azerbaijani relations get back on track 07/18/09

UA:  Bulgaria vs Ukraine: Dont blink 07/21/09


AZ:  Azerbaijani Court Tries Alleged Taliban Supporters 07/17/09

BA:  Bosnia: Karadzic requests documents to bolster his defence 07/21/09

BA:  Serb cousins guilty of burning Muslims alive 07/20/09

HR:  Croatia, US join forces against organised crime 07/17/09

IL:  Charges toughened against IDF officer in shooting of bound Palestinian 07/21/09

RU:  Russians Increase Purchases of Guns for Self-Defense 07/20/09

UK:  (UK) Terrorists freed to live in bail hostels. 07/18/09

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