SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 21 July 2009


Hot Topics

AR:  Britains warnings for travelers who want to visit Argentina: 07/16/09

BR:  RIGHTS-BRAZIL: Controversy Surrounds Army Search for Guerrilla Remains 07/17/09

CL:  Mapuche: No Effective Autonomy Without Political Will 07/17/09

CO:  Colombia: rebels funded Ecuador leaders election 07/17/09

CO:  Latin America: Washington, Bogota on Verge of Deal to Make …07/17/09

CO:  New Anti-Ecuador Campaign in Colombia 07/19/09

CU:  Cuba Demands End To US Intervention In Honduras 07/19/09

HN:  Ousted Honduran leader pushes for more sanctions 07/21/09

HN:  Zelaya envoy cuts off current talks on Honduras 07/19/09

NI:  Nicaraguan President Ortega Says Plot to Overthrow Him to Fail 07/17/2009

VE:  Venezuela gets to maneuver diplomatically and economically for the first time…07/19/09


CO:  Leaders of Colombias Displaced Flee Region Due to Threats 07/18/09

CO:  Three Dead, 20 Wounded in Guerrilla Attack on Colombian Town 07/21/09

EC: Ecuador Battling Illegal Loggers from Neighboring Peru 07/17/2009

HN:  Honduran People Take the Streets 07/17/09

VE:  Venezuelan government steps up threats toward broadcast TV station 07/16/09

VE:  Venezuelas Drug-Trafficking Role Is Growing 07/18/09

Security Forces

CO:  Colombia seizes 1.7 tons of cocaine 07/17/09

CO:  Terrorism must know that we are not going to be tricked 07/20/09

CO: Colombia backs plan for increased US military aid 07/21/09

EC:  US pulling out from Manta military base in Ecuador 07/17/09

NI:  Nicaragua rejects UN peacekeeper deployment in Honduras 07/19/09

PE:  Ukraine preparing agreements on military and technical cooperation …07/17/09

VE:  Venezuelan drug seizures on the rise 07/20/09

VE:  Why should Venezuela trust Colombian FOL deal on US military bases? 07/20/09

Foreign Affairs

BO:  Leaders Gathered for Bolivia Bicentennial Rally Behind Zelaya 07/17/09

BO: Bolivias Morales Says Allies Should Boost Military Cooperation 07/20/09

BR:  In South America, Israeli FM seeks to block Iran 07/20/09

CU:  Cuban President kicks off visit to Angola 07/20/09

NI:  Disaffected Sandinistas say Daniel Ortega has become a dictator 07/19/09

NI:  Ortega to follow leftist allies over reelection 07/20/09

PE:  Colombia regards Peru as its best ally in the region 07/17/09

VE:  ANALYSIS-US, Venezuela tensions rise over Honduras crisis 07/17/09

VE:  Venezuela officials coming for Dominican refinery deals final … 07/17/09

VE: Venezuelas anti-drug efforts fall short, US says 07/21/09


CL:  Hooded Attackers Burn Truck in Southern Chile 07/19/09

CO:  34 Illegal African Migrants Caught in Colombian Caribbean 07/18/09

DO:  Dominican authorities bust a Haitian children-trafficking network 07/17/09

PE:  Perus Fujimori sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for corruption 07/21/09

UY:  Uruguay: They ask for 25 years in prison for dictator Gregorio Alvarez 07/18/09

VE:  Former Venezuela minister charged 07/17/09

VE:  NAM Supports Venezuelas Request for Extradition of Posada Carriles 07/16/09

VE:  Revolutionary Latin America and Todays Nexus of Terror 07/20/09

VE:  Venezuelan Drug Trafficking Threatens US Gains in Counternarcotics 07/20/09

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