AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 10 August 2009


Hot Topics

BI: Burundi to curb prices of petroleum products 08/06/09

CF: Independent Candidacy: Waiting on National Assembly 08/07/09

EH: Defection ; a Setback to Western Sahara Separatists Hardliners 08/07/09

ER: Eritrea Denies Arming Somali Militants 08/07/09

NG: Nigeria: Violence in north is not what it seems 08/08/09

SD: United Nations Force Commanders in Darfur Address the Peace Process 08/06/09

SN: Senegals Wade pushes for United States of Africa, roughhouse style 08/06/09

SO: Is Somalia the new Afghanistan? 08/08/09

SO: Militant warlords combing diaspora for recruits 08/06/09

UG: Ugandas IDPs a Legacy of War 08/06/09

ZA: Capitalist crisis sharpens class struggle in Africa 08/09/09

ZW: Tongogara killed for links with Dabengwa: Nkala 08/06/09

ZW: Zimbabwe Army Tightens Grip on Diamond Field Despite Pending … 08/07/09


BW: Gaborone warns of instability 08/05/09

CD: DR CONGO: Conflict Minerals Forge a Strange Coalition 08/08/09

CD: Humanitarian crisis in eastern DRC, Aug 2009 – Briefing kit 08/08/09

CD: Ugandan rebels intensify attacks in DRCongo: UNHCR 08/07/09

DZ: ALGERIA: Street Fighting Men From China 08/07/09

GH: A Dawn Of Police-cum-Military Dictatorship? 08/10/09

MR: First suicide bomb attack hits Mauritania, highlighting challenge … 08/09/09

MR: Islamist blamed for Mauritania attack 08/09/09

NG: As Nigeria slides into one-party dictatorship 08/10/09

NG: Muslim extremists behead three Christian ministers 08/08/09

SO: Somalia joins the threat to global security 08/06/09

SO: SOMALIA: The Pointless Quagmire Gets Crowded 08/05/09

SO: Two dead in Mogadishu blast 08/09/09

Special Operations

AA: Africa: US Military Command Aims to Help Africans Help Themselves … 08/07/09

AA: Military chiefs of UN peacekeeping forces in Africa call for more … 08/06/09

CG: UN takes on Interahamwe Hutu militia in Congo amid surge in rape 08/07/09

KE: Kenya: New Anti-Terrorism Unit Formed 08/07/09

RW: Rwanda: RDF to Create a Reserve Force 08/05/09

Security Forces

CM: Cameroon: Cameroon Honours Nigerian Defence Adviser 08/05/09

CM: Nigeria Reassures Cameroon Of Security In Gulf Of Guinea – TV 08/07/09

DJ: Djiboutian Army Learns Combat Life Saving Skills From US Military 08/07/09

DZ: Eight killed during army mission in Algeria 08/05/09

LR: Liberia: ECOMOG Peacekeepers Trained Liberians To Fight In Sierra … 08/06/09

NG: Insurgency challenges drive Nigerian military strategy 08/10/09

NG: Nigerian Army Rejects Calls to Withdraw from the Niger Delta 08/09/09

SL: Sierra Leoneans graduate from military college 08/08/09

SO: Clinton vows U.S. help in war on al Qaeda in Somalia 08/06/09

ZA: SAfrican police chief urges greater powers for officers 08/05/09

ZA: Congo ministers wife released after SAfrica kidnapping: police 08/08/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Libya Oil Head Says OPEC Needs Better Compliance 08/06/09

AA: Russia gives heed to substantial co-op with Africa 08/10/09

AO: SADC Defence Inspectors meet Tuesday 08/07/09

CG: Congo: Talks With Rwanda in Sign of Closer Ties 08/06/09

GM:  Gambia: VP Decorates Departing Turkish Military Adviser 08/07/09

KE: Government Kicks Out Eritrea Diplomat 08/08/09

LY: Libyan leader inks seven deals with Chad 08/09/09

MG: Madagascar: Chissano Opens Talks in Maputo 08/05/09

ML: Mali and France hold talks 08/05/09

MR: Former Military Ruler Inaugurated as Mauritanian President 08/06/09

NG: Mismanagement marred Nigeria-Asia oil deals: report 08/09/09


AA: Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa 08/06/09

AA: UN chief demands halt to sexual violence 08/07/09

AO: Angola: Magistrate Calls for Awareness to Reduce Witchcraft Crime 08/07/09

NG: Worldwide Slump Makes Nigeria’s Online Scammers Work That Much Harder 08/06/09

TD: Two aid agency staff missing in Chad 08/06/09

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