Worth a Look: PBI Comments on DNI Strategy & Vision

Worth A Look
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Phi Beta Iota has begun a review of all publicly-available documents and directives pertaining to the hybrid discipline of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).  Click on the cover to access both the full document online and the Phi Beta Iota comment.

OSINT is a hybrid discipline, unique in that it is both a complete discipline in its own right, while also being the essential foundation for both the traditional collection disciplines and the long-suffering consumer missions that have never gotten decision-support from the secret world–Agriculture, Commerce, Energy are but a few of them.

Vision 2015 is sheer genius, gifted articulation, and

Great Hat, No Cattle
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implementable now, but not within the US Intelligence Community (US IC).  It is time for the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to work with the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD(I)) to fully fund the Open Source Agency under diplomatic auspices with an Office of Information Sharing Treaties and Agreements, a UN Assistant Secretary General for Decision Support, a Multinational Decision Support Center that implements Vision 2015 at the unclassifed level as a baseline for unilateral all-source advances on that foundation; and regional mission-oriented Whole of Government/broad coalition networks and centers corresponding to each Combatant Command (COCOM), each of whom should become both a US Whole of Government integrated campaign management center, and a regional multinational stabilization & reconstruction information-sharing and decision-support hub.

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