AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 3 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Democracy and a tale of two republics 07/29/09

AA: SOMALIA-UGANDA: AU deaths under spotlight 07/31/09

AO: Over 19000 foreigners entries recorded 07/28/09

BI: HRW condemns Burundi move to criminalize homosexuality 08/02/09

CD: Democratic Republic of Congo bans RFI 07/30/09

ER: The house of despair 07/29/09

ET: IFEX members raise alarm over anti-terrorism law 07/29/09

ET: What is the ONLF? 07/31/09

GM: Gambian opposition blames govt for missing opposition leader 07/30/09

KE: Kenya to register SIM cards to fight crime 07/29/09

KE: Webuyes rapid decline into a crime-ridden ghost town 08/01/09

NG: Analysis: Poverty, graft behind Nigeria violence 07/28/09

SO: Somali Extremists Who Raided UN Offices Not Considered a Terror Group 07/28/09

ZA: South African President Jacob Zuma wins damages from UKs Guardian … 07/30/09

ZW: Zimbabwe gems classed as blood diamonds 07/30/09


CD: Global Witness uncovers foreign companies links to Congo violence 08/02/09

CF: Central African Republic clashes displace 100000 07/30/09

DZ: Qaeda group claims deadly attack on Algerian soldiers 08/03/09

ER: Eritrean rebels claim successful attack on intelligence center 08/01/09

NG: Nigeria – post-violence controversy – interview 08/02/09

NG: Oil and gas projects facing total shut down 07/28/09

NG: Q+A-Who are the Islamic sect in northern Nigeria? 07/31/09

NG: Hausa hallucinations 07/31/09

SO: Global terror warning as Somali militants flex muscles 08/01/09

SO: Thousands of Somalis trying to flee to Yemen 07/28/09

ZA: Protests grow in S. Africa 07/30/09

Special Operations

DZ: Algeria helps Mali create development projects to counter terrorism 07/30/09

ET: US Africa Command NCOs Mentor Ethiopian Soldiers 07/28/09

SD: US Trains South Sudan Air Experts? 07/29/09

SO: Norwegian frigate to hunt Somali pirates 08/03/09

SO: Turkish Navy Commandos Seize Pirates Off Somalia 07/31/09

Security Forces

AA: EU to train Somali piracy force 07/28/09

AA: UN force in Chad, CAR deploying too slowly – envoy 07/28/09

AO: Angola: Over 100 Navy Force Soldiers Demobilised 07/31/09

BI: SA troops to be withdrawn from Burundi 07/30/09

CD: DR Congo troops take Rwanda rebels command headquarter in S Kivu … 07/29/09

DZ: Algeria joins regions arms industry 07/29/09

GM: Breaking News:Gambia:Gambias President Warns Disloyal Soldiers!!! 07/28/09

KE: Kenya Police: 4 Men Arrested Monday Have Terror Ties 07/30/09

MA: Moroccan terror suspects convicted 07/28/09

MG: Abandoned rifles discovered in Madagascars capital 08/01/09

NE: Securty Beefed up in Niger 07/29/09

ZA:  Police chief promises tough justice 08/02/09

ZA: SA army is unravelling 08/01/09

Foreign Affairs

CD: Democratic Republic of Congo Briefed by the United Nations … 07/31/09

CD: DRC humanitarian update 07/31/09

DZ: The French connection 07/31/09

ER: US warns Eritrea over activity in Somalia 07/29/09

LR: Liberia: Govt And Namibia Sign Agreement 07/30/09

NA: Namibia: Let This Matter Take Its Course 07/31/09

NA: Namibia: The Countrys Forgotten Political Prisoners 07/31/09

NE: Tandjas tenure elongation gambit 07/28/09

NG: A Window for Niger Delta 07/28/09

SD: Peoples of Eastern Sudan Face Marginalization 07/29/09

SD: Sudan pleased with US envoys remarks on terrorism 07/31/09

SL: Revealed! Sierra Leone Government Takes Over Disputed Yenga Next Month 08/02/09

SO: Former Somali senior military officials to meet in US 07/31/09

SO: US Prepared to Give Further Aid to Somali Government 07/30/09


CF: LRA kills 10 in Central African Republic 08/02/09

ET: Ethiopia convicts Canadian on terrorism charges 07/28/09

GH: A Guide to Corruption In Ghana-The example of Quality Grain Rice 08/02/09

GH: Ghana: Armed Robbers Impose Curfew On Many Ghanaians 07/31/09

ZW: Nkala says Mahachi killed for diamonds 07/29/09

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